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Laketown Project Consultant: Herb Strather


Born and raised in the City of Detroit, Herbert J. Strather is the Chairman of Strather Associates, a real estate development and investment firm located in Detroit. Established by Strather in 1975, Strather Associates is responsible for more than $2 billion in real estate transactions and is a multi-level conglomerate consisting of real estate acquisitions, investment, development, and property management.



From 1994-99 Strather initiated a petition drive to bring casino gambling to the City of Detroit, which resulted in three land-based casinos and more than 10,000 new jobs for the city.


In 1998 Strather negotiated land leases on behalf of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church and managed the closing transaction, which resulted in a new 130,000 square foot Super Kmart store in the City of Detroit.


In 1999 Strather began diversifying and formed Atwater Productions, L.L.C. Holding Company, which includes Color Bar Printing; Expressions in Advertising; Fast Forward Group Video; Harmonie Park Creative Group and Original Packaging.


 From 1999-2000 he acquired three corners of Grand River & Greenfield and increased business occupancy from 20% to 80%.


Herb Strather led the development team to transform the Jeffries Projects into the new Woodbridge Estates, a $92 million mixed-use, mixed-income residential community of 500 new homes plus a retail center.


A noted philanthropist, Strather spearheaded a $350,000 gift to the Schools of the 21st Century. His donation of $1,000,000 to the Optimist Youth Foundation of Detroit will help youth across America.


A former International Vice President of Optimist International, Strather has built more than 1,900 Optimist Clubs to serve the youth of America. Locally, Strather helped Hartford Memorial Baptist Church acquire and redevelop property. He donated property to Hartford and to Marygrove College.








Herb Strather